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Singing is not that difficult and everybody can learn to sing. I have divided the singing techniques into four main subjects as listed below. By combining elements of these four subjects, you can produce precisely the sounds you want. You will also be able to pinpoint your specific problems and mistakes, and you can focus on which techniques you wish to work on.

The four main subjects are:

• The three overall principles – to ensure healthy sound production

• The four vocal modes – to choose the ‘gear’ you want to sing in.

• Sound colours – to make the sound lighter or darker.

• Effects – to achieve specific sound effects.

Cathrine Sadolin

Cathrine Sadolin is among the leading voice researchers in the world. Her research across all vocal styles, combined with her own experiences as a professional singer, has inspired innovative thinking within the field. The research into developing Complete Vocal Technique is an ongoing process, and the book is being continually updated, as new results emerge. Cathrine’s travelling schedule to conferences around the world continues to expand.

The institute


Complete Vocal Institute is an educational institution, located at Øster Voldgade 8 in Copenhagen. The Institute was opened in 2005 and uses a teaching method called Complete Vocal Technique, which was developed by singer and voice researcher Cathrine Sadolin.

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