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 Vocal Production In The Studio

Because of Dag’s dual working carreer as a session singer and vocal coach, he has the perfect combination of skills and experience to help artists to lay down their best vocal takes in the recording studio. If a vocal technique issue arises, then he draws on the coaching side; conversely, if it’s a musical or interpretive issue, then he draws on his decades of session experience. He also speaks the ‘language’ of the producers which can be different to that of the singers and vice versa, making him the ultimate ‘translator’.

Emergency Aid

If the voice is hoarse or perhaps has even disappeared, it is often due to uncontrolled constriction in the throat. It is possible to remove this uncontrolled constriction with the CVT Emergency Aid Programme. Authorised CVT Teachers are able to perform this program with you.


Private lessons (One-to-one lessons)

Working with any issues/challenges you may have Improving phrases/songs



Sound colours Effects

and more...

One session is 50 min long

Workshop/Masterclass (different modules available) 2-part seminar:

1. Working with the method (technique)

2. Masterclass (individual coaching/performances)

Working with Choir (different modules available) 2-part seminar:


 1. Working together! (technique, dynamics, cooperation, movement and interpretation)

2. Masterclass. Let’s work at it! Chosen tasks/song(s) Aiming for perfection.

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